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Announcing the Official Beta Program


We have announced this on our discord before, but I wanted to post it in the Information forum section.

When we feel comfortable with releasing the server, first we will release it to the Beta Access members. We have given away a few Beta Access roles on the Discord, and have stopped doing that. To gain access to the Early Beta, to help find bugs, etc... please read the information below. You can also click the image at the top of this thread to visit the store, or click Online Store on the navbar.

In order to gain Early Beta Access you must donate $5 or more. The $5, or more, helps with the cost of server hosting while we're still under development, plugin costs to improve gameplay for our players, and more behind the scenes costs.


If you would like to make just a general donation, you can visit our store, and submit a Custom Donation higher than $5.

We recommend either a Custom Donation, or one of these packages.

Purchase Bronze Donor

Purchase Gold Donor

Purchase Platinum Donor

Purchase VIP Donor

 Purchase Custom Job

Purchase Gang Pack

Purchase $10,000 In-Game Cash

Purchase $15,000 In-Game Cash

Purchase $20,000 In-Game Cash


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